BARRIO serves up traditional Mexican-style street food with a gourmet edge. Our emphasis is on fresh, local, healthy dishes that are deeply satisfying.


Join us Sundays at the Marin County Farmers Market at the Civic Center in San Rafael from 8–1, where you can enjoy our regular menu as well as seasonal specials.


BARRIO supports local farmers and ranchers. We use as many organic products as possible, our corn masa is GMO-free, and all tortillas and salsas are handmade.


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Taco Mañanero (breakfast taco)

Yellow corn tortilla with guinea fowl scrambled eggs from Barrett Farms, finished with refried pinto beans, micro cilantro and salsa de chile seco. $5.00


Taco Abeja

Red chile California corn tortilla with pork from Marin Sun Farms cooked a la plancha, finished with caramelized onion and pickled radish. $5.00


Taco Milo

Yellow corn tortilla with pork belly from Marin Sun Farms, finished with chipotle alioli arugula and pico de gallo. $5.00


Taco Compa

Yellow corn tortilla with beef from Marin Sun Farms, cooked a la plancha, with pickled red cabbage and finished with sour cream. $5.00


Taco Chifis

Yellow corn tortilla with red achiote shredded chicken  from Barrett Farm, finished with citrus and red onions. $5.00


Torta el Chavo

Bolillo roll from Crepe and Brioche, with pork from Marin Sun Farms, finished with chipotle alioli, arugula, and pico de gallo. $9.25


Panucho Bomba

Soft corn tortilla filled with black beans and topped with achiote shredded chicken from Barrett Farms, finished with pickled red onion and seasonal citrus. $6.00


Huarache Carlito’s Way

Sandal-Shaped corn masa topped with roasted tomatillos and chiles poblanos, mushrooms from Solano Farm, finished with sour cream and arugula. $7.50


Quesadilla Menona

Green spinach corn quesadilla with Oaxaca cheese, topped with seasonal herbs from Marin Farmers Market vendors. $6.00


Kid’s Taco

Corn tortilla with refried pinto beans, finished with Oaxaca cheese. $4.00


Kid’s Quesadilla

Corn tortilla with Oaxaca cheese. $4.00